Invited Speakers

  • Lauren Barr

    University of Exeter

    On the Nature of Chiral Near-Field Interactions

  • Shiyu Zhang

    Loughborough University

    Additive Manufacturing Enabled Metamaterials and Antennas

  • Alejandro Javier Martínez Ros

    Universidad de Sevilla

    Analysis and Synthesis of Leaky-Wave Devices in Planar Technology

  • Svetlana Tcvetkova

    Aalto University

    Near-perfect conversion of a propagating wave into a surface wave

  • Mahsa Ebrahimpouri

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology

    Higher Symmetries and Their Applications

  • Stylianos Assimonis

    Queen's University Belfast

    Planar Periodic Geometries: how to reflect or absorb electromagnetic energy in a specific manner

  • Biao Yang

    University of Birmingham

    Photonic topological metamaterials

  • Mustafa Bakr

    University of Leeds

    Analysis of Multi-Mode Propagation Meta-materials and two dimensional filters

  • Miguel Camacho

    University of Exeter

    Efficient analysis of non-periodic hole arrays

  • Julia Dautova

    University of Exeter

    Mimicking graphene physics with hexagonal mesh

  • Andrea Vallecchi

    University of Oxford

    Metamaterials Beyond Conventional Design and Fabrication Routes

  • Tiago Morgado

    University of Coimbra

    Tailoring the near- and far-fields with wire metamaterials

  • Luigi La Spada

    University of Coventry

    Electromagnetic Meta-Surfaces: from modeling to manufacturing

  • Wenlong Gao

    University of Birmingham

    Topological photonic phases in metamaterials, and magnetized plasma

  • Ehab Saleh

    University of Nottingham

    Material Jetting - The Path To 3D-Print RF Metamaterials

  • Miguel Beruete

    Universidad Pública de Navarra

    Controlling waves with metasurfaces at terahertz

  • Muhammad Saqib Rabbani

    University of Birmingham

    Millimetre-wave and Terahertz Metasurfaces and Antennas

  • Lee Ford

    University of Sheffield

    A reconfigurable metamaterial antenna for direct antenna modulation

  • Miguel Navarro-Cía

    University of Birmingham

    Spin of Light Tuning of Microwave Components

  • Flynn Castles

    Queen Mary University

    Active metamaterials with negative static electric susceptibility

  • Feodor Ogrin

    University of Exeter

    FDTD-LLG modelling of magnetically tuneable microwave antennae

  • Darren Cadman

    Loughborough University


  • Marcus Walden


    Antenna Design by Plextek

  • Robert Potter

    Johnson Matthey

    Building structures bottom-up – a peep inside the chemist’s toolbox.

  • Adam Armitage


    Engineering Science for the Defence Industry

  • Simon Berry


    Measurement Capabilities of the QinetiQ/Dstl RF Measurement Facility in Farnborough

  • James Watts

    Flann Microwave Ltd


  • Peter Woolliams


    Antenna meta-surfaces and 3D Printing at NPL

Supporting Institutions

This meeting is funded by XM2, the Centre for Doctoral Training in Metamaterials at Exeter University